An almost 30-year crisis

I’m writing you from Hoover, Alabama. Why?

Because I was laid off in January. It was pretty unexpected. There was talk a week before of some layoffs in another department, and they had let all of the temporary employees go at that point, but I didn’t think I would be laid off because I was the only one in the company who did my job. But I was not spared. I had worked there for almost three years and really liked my job, so it was difficult. It’s still not totally clear to me what the company’s financial situation was, but that’s the nature of community mental health. It’s unstable.

We had been toying with the idea of moving out of Michigan at some point this year, but we were planning on the end of August or early September, and we were originally hoping for Florida! We wound up outside of Birmingham, Alabama, because my in-laws live here and are sweet enough to allow us to stay with them while we both find work and save to get a place of our own. My husband found work immediately and had multiple job offers, but poor little old me is still without a job.

I really don’t want to work in the mental health field anymore. I’m burnt out on the direct service side of things, which was why I loved the position I was laid off from. It was administrative and I was able to just go home at the end of the day and leave my work at work. I know case management and I’m great at case management, but the stress of it was getting to me and it really wasn’t healthy for me to continue doing it because I was neglecting myself to take care of others.

I’m looking for an entry-level position in human resources. I feel like psychology to human resources is a career pivot that makes sense. I can work with people. I can read people. I’m organized. I’m a boss at documentation. I feel like after working in mental health I can do anything. But now I have the challenge of explaining that to others! I haven’t had any callbacks from any applications that I’ve submitted, which is very discouraging.

We listed our house for sale and accepted an offer on it the next day. We are expecting to close on the house next week.

That’s the update for now! Just trying to get adjusted to this whole stay-at-home mom thing. It’s not easy. I miss adult humans and it’s doubly difficult since I don’t know anybody here.


It’s me!

Hey everyone!

My name is Jesse. I’ve lived in the Midwest my entire life and am currently situated in Michigan with my husband of six years and our daughter.

I’ve struggled with this blog for a while now because I simply wasn’t sure what I wanted to write about. But I realized I don’t need to necessarily pigeonhole the blog – I will write about whatever I please! This could be food (it will most likely be food because… hello, food!), current issues that I’m interested in, parenting, music, the paranormal or books I love.

I’ve been getting more into reading lately and recently discovered that we have a really great library in our city. I’ve never really been a person who likes to read fiction books and I can’t actually remember the last fiction book I read all the way through. I’m usually reading a biography of someone I admire or something related to psychology or social issues. I’m working on finishing a book now and plan to write a review of it shortly.

I earned a Bachelor’s degree in psychology and have been working in the mental health field for the past six years. I’m passionate about ending stigma and increasing access to health care and treatment options. I may occasionally comment on proposed legislation or changes in the field that would directly affect my job and the people that my employer serves.

That’s a little bit about me. I hope to write more soon and get to know you as well! If you read all of this, leave a comment with your favorite television show!